Redistricting Software Tools - An Annotated Listing

A curated list of redistricting software, including tools for plan creation as well as gerrymandering detection.

Redistricting Software Tools - An Annotated Listing

Let's cut right to the chase: I've just published a listing of software tools and data resources related to redistricting and gerrymandering. It's got information on the tools' platforms, maturity, cost, sources, URLs, screenshots, and more.

I've been meaning to post something like this for a while, since I've given talks on the subject, and even prepared a handout (already outdated) for a hands-on workshop with software at Duke.

One way of viewing the information. You can also re-sort, re-group, and filter the records as desired.

This list, like many of the tools on it, should be considered a work in progress, perhaps even still in beta. I recognize that there are still some gaps to fill in. For the moment, the highest level of detail is the category covering software that allows for the creation of plans (what most folks would probably consider redistricting software). But there are also rows for data, educational interactives, and other utilities. If there are oversights or things that are outdated, please let me know!

I'd also been meaning to try out Airtable, and this exercise happily gave me a chance to do that. So far, it seems to be a good tool for this purpose. =)

Last, thanks to Sam Wang, for encouraging me to make a curated list available sooner rather than later!