The List of Redistricting Software Tools, Updated for 2020

Looking for a listing of apps, data, programs, utilities, code or other interactive resources related to redistricting and gerrymandering? Look no further.

The List of Redistricting Software Tools, Updated for 2020

A few weeks ago, such a redistricting software listing might have been useful as a holiday shopping guide for the map-inclined loved ones on your list. Some of those folks may even see the upcoming census season and redistricting season as cause for celebration—or at least intrigue. Suffice to say that 2020 is here, and the list was due for an update.

I first posted this curated list of redistricting programs, data, utilities, and online educational resources about eight months ago, after receiving an enthusiastic response to a similar one-page handout I'd prepared.

For the newly updated listing, available as an interactive online Airtable spreadsheet with links and images, I added about a half-dozen new entries and revised a handful of the attributes for the earlier listings. As before, there's also a listing of the vendors and providers under a separate tab (see top left of screenshot below).

Some may feel that the decidedly tangible board game I included shouldn't have made the cut for an inventory of software, but I'd heard it mentioned as a useful interactive resource in several conversations in 2019.

If you object to that choice, or find something else about the list that you don't agree with (or even that you're excited about!) please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Accuracy is important to me.

In the coming months, I may also put together posts exploring some of these offerings in more depth.